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Latin Open Professional (ADC Cup) C S R P J
Latin Open Professional (ADC Cup) C S R P J
Latin Asia Professional (ADC Ranking) C S R P J
Latin Asia Professional (ADC Ranking) C S R P J
3 Latin Professional Rising Star C S R P J
3 Latin Professional Rising Star C S R P J
4 Latin Professional Closed C S R P J
5 Latin Open Amateur C S R P J
6 Latin Asia Pacific Amateur C S R J
7 Latin Amateur Closed Malaysia C S R J
8 Latin Pre-Amateur C R J
9 Latin Novic C J
10 Latin Junior Under 18 C R J
11 Latin Juvenile Under 12 C J
13 Latin Senior Over 45 C R J
14 Latin Solo Open Cha Cha Cha
15 Latin Solo Open Samba
16 Latin Solo Open Rumba
17 Latin Solo Open Jive
18 Latin Solo Open Paso Doble
19 Latin Beginners Cha Cha Cha
20 Latin Beginners Samba
21 Latin Beginners Rumba
22 Latin Beginners Jive
23 Latin Beginners Paso Doble
24 Latin Beginners Under 12 Cha Cha Cha
25 Latin Beginners Under 12 Samba
26 Latin Beginners Under 12 Rumba
27 Latin Beginners Under 12 Jive
28 Latin Beginners Under 12 Paso Doble
29 Standard Open Professional (ADC Cup) W T V F Q
Standard Asia Professional (ADC Ranking) W T V F Q
Standard Open Amateur W T V F Q
32 Standard Asia Pacific Amateur W T V F Q
33 Standard Amateur Closed Malaysia W T F Q
34 Standard Pre-Amateur W T Q
35 Standard Novice W Q
36 Standard Junior Under 18 W T Q
37 Standard Juvenile Under 12 W Q
Standard Senior Over 35 W T F Q
39 Standard Senior Over 45 W T F
40 Standard Senior Over 55 W T
41 Standard Solo Dance Open Waltz
42 Standard Solo Dance Open Tango
43 Standard Solo Dance Open Quickstep
44 Standard Beginners Waltz
45 Standard Beginners Tango
46 Standard Beginners Foxtrot
47 Standard Beginners Quickstep
48 Standard Beginners Under 12 Waltz
49 Standard Beginners Under 12 Tango
50 Standard Beginners Under 12 Foxtrot
51 Standard Beginners Under 12 Quickstep
52 Latin Senior Over 35

Scrutelle Version: V 9.7.1d
Results uploaded: 11/07/16 2250

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