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scrutelle smartphone provides easier navigation through the scrutelle results pages when using a smartphone

Note that the final results pages are the standard windows versions, it is just that the navigation is more smartphone friendly

You can try the navigation free of charge. (Note that the final link to the results page is not available until you sign up)

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There is an charge of £3.00 per year which includes the search facility

For any queries please contact:


The first step is to register - your account is defined by your email address

Put the following URL into favourites on your smart phone

Then go to that page and click on Register

alternatively, using your Windows browser go to Register

In both cases you will be taken to PayPal for payment (either by card or PayPal A/C)

After payment, make sure that you keep the window open until after you return (automatically) to the scrutelle site. This will enable your account

No problem if you don't. When we receive payment notification from PayPal, we check whether your account has been enabled and, if not, we do that by hand

The system requires you to have cookies enabled, so that next time you come to the site you can go straight on without having to login each time